Monday, January 5, 2015

Upslope Brewing - Upslope Craft Lager

For the Twelfth Beer of Christmas, we ascend to new heights with a yellow can of lager from Colorado.

Upslope Brewing
Upslope Craft Lager
No, not a Coors. A different yellow can. A better one.

Bright, pale gold beer flows into the glass under a head a pure white foam. Almost no lacing clings to the glass, which is not surprising as the head virtually disappeared before the glass was half gone. It looks and acts much like any other mass market American lager, but the pleasant surprise is in the aroma and the taste.

A sharp, fresh lemon aroma is the first thing to hit the nose. Under that lies a bit of biscuit and some fresh cut grass. It's also rather mild. I have to get my nose right into the glass to catch the scent, though once there it's plentiful.

The taste is a combination of grassy sweetness mixed with citrus and some raw dough. It finishes clean and crisp with just a touch of yeast in the aftertaste. Being lightly bodied, this beer goes down very easily and is extremely refreshing.

If your friends still drink Coors or Bud, press one of these into their hands. They might be pleasantly surprised.

Brewer: Upslope Brewing Company
Location: Boulder, Colorado
Style: American Pale Lager
Alcohol Content: 4.80% ABV
Interesting Note: Upslope began when a Colorado homebrewer met an Argentinian brewery owner and then the Argentinian fell in love with a Colorado girl. What did the Argentinian do? What else, he moved to Colorado. In 2008, Upslope's first beer, a pale ale, was released to the public. It's the classic tale of boy meets boy who meets girl.

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