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As a home brewer and reformed light beer drinker, I decided that one of the best lessons I could pass on to my daughter was the joy of good beer.  The staple at our house used to be Shiner Bock.  Any more, though, you're more likely to find me with a porter or dunkel while Aubrey is usually on the lookout for a Kölsch or a helles lager.

I grew up in West Texas, where there were two kinds of music, Country and Western, and two kinds of beer, Bud Light and Coors Light.  Eventually, Jeff the Homebrewer showed me the light.  Being a good father, I decided this was a life lesson worthy of teaching to my child.  So, for her 21st birthday, I gave Aubrey a three liter magnum of Chimay Grande Reserve.

To celebrate the holidays and our love of beer, we decided to create the Twelve Beers of Christmas.

Me and Aubrey at the 2012 Texas Beer Fest in Houston.

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