Sunday, January 4, 2015

Southern Star Brewing - Walloon

For the Eleventh Beer of Christmas, we got our hands on an extinct species that has recently been brought back to life. Think Jurassic Park, but tasty and available in six-packs.

Southern Star Brewing
Walloon (a fabled grisette!)
I've had the good fortune of visiting Southern Star in Conroe, Texas, several times, but this is the first time I've had their Walloon. If you're ever there and they have Black Crack on tap, order a glass immediately. Well, call me first so I can head that way. Then order your drink.

Hazy and apricot in color, like sunset on a foggy day, the beer has lots of little floaties in it. Given the style (see more below in the interesting note,) this isn't a surprise. Brewed with wheat, floaties are expected. After filling the glass, the beer foams up with a half inch thick head of off-white bubbles which dissipate fairly quickly into random a random scattering of bubble islands atop the brew.

The aroma is both sweet and spicy, enough of the latter that it reminds be a bit of the White Rascal witbier we drank on the as the First Beer of Christmas. There's also a little yeast and long, uncut lawn in there.

The flavor it interesting. A bit of a grape juice & coriander start with bananas & cloves in the middle or the drink, The just lighter than medium bodied beer finishes with a sweet & yeasty taste that doesn't linger.

It's incredibly drinkable and thirst quenching. Although not too thirst quenching because I am wanting another one right now. I mean now. This very instant.


Ah, fresh glass. That's better.

Brewer: Southern Star Brewing Company
Location: Conroe, Texas
Style: Saison
Alcohol Content: 5.50% ABV
Interesting Note: The style is listed as "Farmhouse-Style Ale," which typically means saison. However, down the side of the can is a word that was new to me: grisette. According to Southern Star's website, this beer is not actually a saison, although saison is the closest style of beer that is currently in production. The style is actually a "grisette" which was brewed in the French region of Belgium where the Walloons live. It's nearly extinct at this point and doesn't even have a Wikipedia entry. I'd type that in, but I'm too busy getting ready to open another can.

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