Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Fixing Cheap Beer

Ugh ... all they have is cheap beer! Well, here are five ways to fix those cheap beers that you prefer not to drink. And you can do it with some STAR WARS flair!


In this video, we improve Coors and Bud Light by turning them into five new (and better) beverages all while maintaining our 2021 theme of Star Wars.


When you have the weight of the world on your shoulders, Hunter understands.

1 cheap beer + 1/2 oz gin + 3 oz orange juice


The planet Hoth is nothing like Mexico, but the rebels there still love Taco Tuesdays and nothing goes better with tacos than a Hothgarita!

Salt the rim with spicy salt or Tajin + 1 cheap beer + 1 oz lime juice + a dash of agave syrup


When you're running with the big dogs of the planet Lothal, a Loth-Wolf drink gives you the air of sophistication.

1 cheap beer + 3 oz grapefruit juice + 1/2 oz lime juice

Brass Ewok

If only the Beastie Boys had known how good this is, they might have sung about it instead.

1 cheap beer + 3 oz orange juice + 3 oz lemon juice


Sabine's graduating class probably enjoyed a few boilermakers, but Sabine seemed a bit more refined and called hers "bourbon barrel-aged cheap beer."

1 cheap beer + 1 shot of bourbon whiskey (mixed, not dropped in with a shot class and chugged)

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