Thursday, December 3, 2020

The Twelve Beers of Christmas 2020 - Preview

For 2020, the Twelve Beers of Christmas is relating beers to real estate. That's right, we're celebrating Christmas with the Twelve Beers of Buying a House. We'll relate a beer to each of 12 phases of buying a house. You'll find out the phases during the Twelve Beers of Christmas, but for now, here are the prompts or categories for your Twelve Beers. That way you can buy a beer from your market and drink along with me.

Leave a comment below and let me know what your Twelve Beers are! Dec 25 - A Low-Calorie Beer Dec 26 - A Local Beer Dec 27 - A Beer that's Too Big to Drink on Your Own Dec 28 - Something Awful Dec 29 - A Sampler Pack Dec 30 - A Middle of the Road Beer Dec 31 - A Beer from a Brewery that was Purchased by Another Brewery Jan 1 - A Happy Beer Jan 2 - Mystery Beer (have someone else buy it for you and wrap it, then open it on Jan 2nd) Jan 3 - Someone/thing walking on the label (or feet or legs on the label) Jan 4 - Special Occasion Beer Jan 5 - Your Favorite Beer

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