Thursday, December 31, 2015

Epic Brewing Co. - Brainless Raspberries

For the Seventh Beer of Christmas (New Year's Eve!,) I found a great replacement for that flute of champagne you're considering.

Epic Brewing
Brainless Raspberries
I have never been a fan of champagne. I know, some of you will think that's crazy but that's just me. On New Year's I will typically drink the obligatory flute of champagne, but I think tonight I'll simple fill that glass with another serving of Brainless Raspberries. It's a tart, sweet, and fruity bubblicious brew that would be at home in a pint glass or champagne flute.

The glass looked like a dark, fizzy glass of Cherry 7-Up as I pour out of the 12 ounce can. A loose cluster of large bubbles formed on the top of the beer, but quickly dissipated. In fact, it was gone by the time I finished taking my pictures. However, like champagne, it continued to bubble and fizz a bit as I drank to the bottom of the glass.

The predominant smell is, of course, raspberries. It reminds me a bit of a lightly sweetened compote: mostly tart but a bit of sweet. Yeast bread dough comes through, too.

Raspberries are the taste. It starts out sweet and finishes tart. There's also a big bubblegum flavor. It makes me think of Hubba Bubba from back when I was in high school and I chewed bubble gum all the time. The flavor rounds out with a bit of yeast, vanilla, and orange rind. I found it interesting that the flavor overrode and hid the high alcohol content. I barely noticed the 9.7% ABV.

The mouthfeel is interesting. This is when the champagne replacement hit me. After each drink, there was a refreshing wash of carbonation throughout my whole mouth leaving a lightly astringent sensation.

Fruit beers are a nice change of pace once in a while, but they'll never be my go-to beer. However, I could see myself going back to this one now and then to break up my typical porter/stout line-up.

Brewer: Epic Brewing Company
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Style: Fruit / Vegetable Beer
Alcohol Content: 9.70% ABV
Interesting Note: Founders David Cole and Peter Erickson started business together in 1992 as an aquaculture company. When Utah's beer laws became more relaxed in 2008, the pair started a craft brewery.

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