Friday, December 26, 2014

Cedar Creek Brewery - Scruffy's Smoked Alt

For the Second Beer of Christmas, we went old school. Or, rather, alten Schule.

Cedar Creek Brewery
Scruffy's Smoked Alt
At only two years of age, Cedar Creek Brewery creates session-able beers with complex flavors. Scruffy's Smoked Alt is my favorite from their line up.

Golden-amber, the 16 ounce can makes for a full glass, especially with the head of large bubbles that form on top and quickly give way to a thin cap of small bubbles. The cap clears away quickly, though, and leaves little to no lacing on the glass and only the slightest ring of bubbles around the edge.

A faint campfire smell, like when you burn a light wood, wafts from the glass. It's pleasant and accompanies subtle floral hops and the sweetness of apples.

Some smoke beers - Rauchbiers, if you're German - are overpowering. But, true to Cedar Creek's mission of creating session-able drinks, the smoke is in the background and adds to the flavor rather than ruling it. Semi-sweet malt, pears, and fresh yeast make up most of the flavor of this medium body beer.

Even though this is definitely a session beer, the smoke flavor does build. Similar, I suppose, to how some spicy foods build until your mouth is on fire. It's not that bad, but after a couple, you'll probably want some water before you open a third. And you will want a third.

Brewer: Cedar Creek Brewery
Location: Kemp, Texas
Style: Smoked Beer
Alcohol Content: 5.10% ABV
Interesting Note: Located an hour southeast of downtown Dallas, Cedar Creek Brewery welcomes two and four legged visitors. They are dedicated to the proper care and treatment of animals and support local animal shelters. The really cool thing is that we can help them in their mission while enjoying their tasty beers.

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