Saturday, December 28, 2013

Brooklyn Brewery - Brooklyn Silver Anniversary Lager

For the Fourth Beer of Christmas, we celebrate another anniversary in New York state.

Brooklyn Brewery
Silver Anniversary Lager
Brooklyn Brewery knows how to stand out in the crowd of the craft beer aisle. Their big Belgians-style bottles with the giant "1" and "2" for their deservedly popular Local 1 and Local 2 brews draw the eye. Their Silver Anniversary bottle is no different. Engaging four different Brooklyn artists, the Brewery produced four artistic labels. The bottle we're drinking had its label designed by Fred Tomaselli.

The golden amber brew poured up with a thick, but quickly dissipating head. The glass was quite attractive, especially backlit.  A light haze clouded the beer but added to the shadows and shading of the furniture and even my hand on the far side of the glass. Lacing hung in clumps along the glass.

The aroma is sweet and reminds me of orange blossom honey with a touch of malt and yeast. The high alcohol content just peeks through the sweetness. It's not obtrusive, just faint and a hint of the warming to come.

The body feels thin at first but finishes full with a punch of hops at the end. It's sweet, although the orange didn't come through in the flavor as it did in the nose. There's also a bit of peppery spice and biscuits in the taste.

This is an excellent drink. High in alcohol but also very sessionable. Warming and tasty.

Brewer: Brooklyn Brewery
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Style: Doppelbock
Alcohol Content: 9.0% ABV
Interesting Note: I'm not a big art fan, but I do enjoy it when art and brewing collide. Rather than look up some bit of trivia about the brewery, I think I'll just share the images of all four labels. First a group photo and then links to each individual label and its artist.

Left to Right:

On May 2, 2016, Dmitry from reached out and shared the link to their Fred Tomaselli page as he thought it might be interesting. I definitely thought it was so I added that "More ..." link just above. Check it out. There's some really interesting stuff over there.

~ Tracy

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